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Over and over and over and over and over and over

again I say the only people/city/places that inspire me most are the people from Japan from kids to their grannies and London (now add other exotic eclectic rural European cities, like Finland, Belgium, etc.). These cities/countries are filled with the most creative dressers on earth. They give birth to fashion’s infant terribuhle.

The best attitude anyone can make. How the belts are placed seemingly unintended but way to awesome. Damn. How long should I work my body till I get thick-skinned no fat sticks only body where the fashion world worships such ambiguity of life and death of malnutrition.

Well, here we go again. Out of topic.

I knew this girl was stepping hard on her Melissa Anglomania’s! They’re comfortable as cupcake on a not-diet day. And it’s kind of worn-off too. I want my Hadid’s now now now now now now now now and start ruining running with them.

Like I said, other countries, such as Denmark’s bARBARA GONGINI:

and her previous collection

Nose bleed for my fashion obsession pervert side. Welcome another girl to the famille terribuhle like Owens, Doma, Pugh, and Margiela. I have yet to crack the United States secret stash of cash.